Green Government

Marin Climate and Energy Partnership (MCEP)

Tiburon, along with the other Marin County cities and towns, is a member of the Marin Climate and Energy Partnership. MCEP implements a wide range of greenhouse gas reduction programs for each agency and as a whole county, alongside organizations like Marin Clean Energy, Transportation Authority of Marin, and the Marin Municipal Water District. Learn more about MCEP, or to find out what other cities in Marin County are doing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

Climate Action Plan

Tiburon first adopted a Climate Action Plan in 2011, and recently updated the Climate Action Plan in 2022. Read the updated Climate Action Plan.

Additionally, Tiburon prepared a Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventory Report. Read the most recent report here.


The Town proudly transitioned its facilities to MCE Deep Green in 2017, meaning 100% of power purchased for Town facilities is renewable.

LED Lights

All cobra-head streetlights have been converted to LED streetlights. 

Solar Panels on Town Buildings

Did you know Town Hall has solar panels on the roof? Back in 2006, Tiburon became the first governmental building in Marin County to install solar roof panels. The Town Hall offsets about 27% of its electricity consumption with the help of 140 rooftop panels. The system can generate up to 39,000 kilowatt hours per year. Anytime you are walking by on Tiburon Boulevard, look up and check out the solar panels on Town Hall. 

In 2020, Tiburon added solar roof panels to the Police Station. The Station's solar system will generate over 85,000 kilowatt hours per year. 

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Residential Solar Roof Panels

Residents can also install solar roof panels with a building permit. For more information on solar panels on homes, please contact the Building Division at (415)435-7357 or review the Town's Solar Policy Guidelines


The Town Council adopted Ordinance  No. 551 N.S. to regulate carryout bags for commercial businesses, and Ordinance No. 598 N.S. to require dine-in and takeout food vendors to use compostable or reusable food ware (cutlery, plates, napkins, etc.).

Ordinance No. 598 N.S. also commits the Town to using only compostable or reusable food ware in all Town facilities and at Town sponsored events. 

Yellow Bus JPA

If walking or biking to school isn't for your family, consider cleaning up your school commute by riding the school bus. In April 2016, the Town of Tiburon, the City of Belvedere and the Reed Union School District formed the Yellow Bus Challenge to coordinate efforts to reduce school-related congestion on Tiburon Boulevard and encourage local school children to ride the bus to school. 

The success of this program has taken many cars off the road and reduced transit times on Tiburon Boulevard by 40% around school bell times. Purchase your annual bus pass here, or consider a tax-deductible donation to contribute to the continued success of the program. 

Electric Vehicles

The Town has a fleet of electric vehicles.