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Construction Updates

The next phase of the project that involves removing the aerial infrastructure and finalizing utility service installation is scheduled to start on Monday, September 11.  Contractors for PG&E will remove electric infrastructure first with the other utilities (Comcast & AT&T) following, with final pole removal occurring at the end of the process.  Work on this long-awaited phase of the project will extend through the end of September and into October.  Town staff are working together with the PG&E, AT&T, and Comcast to ensure that the aerial infrastructure removal process runs smoothly.

Service Transfers

An update letter was mailed to all residents on 7/25/2023 and can be accessed by clicking here.

For each service transfer, electric meters will need to be relocated by PG&E technicians.  The meter relocation will need to be coordinated with property owners and their electricians and scheduled ahead of time.  Property owners and electricians who do not coordinate their work with the Service Lateral Coordinator risk a property being left without electricity until the meter can be transferred.  Each property owner is requested to notify the Hawthorne Utility Underground District service lateral coordinator via phone or e-mail when their required work is complete.

Contact the Service Lateral Coordinator Jayni Allsep at hawthorneunderground@townoftiburon.org or via phone at 415-521-6788.

*Note: There are very few properties within the district that will receive specifically scheduled service transfers that require coordination with PG&E and the District.  Those property owners and their electricians will be independently notified by the Hawthorne Utility Underground District service lateral coordinator.  Additionally, properties where the utility connections were undergrounded prior to the formation of the district will be fully transferred by district utility providers and contractors.  These property owners will also be specifically and independently notified of when their service transfers will occur.

Individual Service Lateral Coordination

Each property within the Hawthorne Utility Underground District currently receives their utility service either through an overhead or an underground connection.  One of the following three scenarios apply to each property within the district as part the individual service lateral installation process.

1. Property has an existing underground utility service - Individual service lateral was previously undergrounded as part of a new construction, remodel, or other upgrade. (Completion of a Residential Service Load Worksheet is not required.)

2. Property is reusing the existing electrical service panel at the same rated load amperage. (Completion of a Residential Service Load Worksheet is required.)

3. Property is upgrading or relocating the existing electrical service panel. (Completion of a Residential Service Load Worksheet is required.)

Property owners who were not undergrounded prior to this project and fall under scenario number two and three as listed above are required to have a licensed electrician complete a Residential Service Load Worksheet (Displays best in Adobe Acrobat Reader) and submit it to the Town of Tiburon Building Division for review.  Completed forms should be sent via e-mail to building@townoftiburon.org. The Building Division will review the Residential Service Load Worksheet and advise whether or not a electrical service panel upgrade is required.

As part of the individual service lateral installation for each property, two separate contractors may be required depending on the qualifications and license the contractor possesses.  Some contractors may have the qualifications and licensing to perform work on both the electrical service panel and install underground conduits, while others may only be able to perform a portion of the required work.

Individual Service Lateral Questions or Concerns?  Check out the Individual Service Lateral Coordination Guide or contact the Service Lateral Coordinator Jayni Allsep at hawthorneunderground@townoftiburon.org or via phone at 415-521-6788.

Project Schedule

Below is a schedule of anticipated construction milestones, which is subject to change.  The schedule provides a range of time for the final phase of the project until the District receives confirmation of remobilization dates from the various utilities for overhead line & pole removal.

Schedule Infographic Revised 7.2023

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Funding & Costs

On January 15, 2021, the Town opened construction bids; they are within the District budget. The Town has received the final PG&E cost estimate and has since awarded the construction contract and issued the bond. 

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