Current Projects

Hawthorne Utility Undergrounding District

Status: Construction ongoing, see Hawthorne Utility Undergrounding District page for more information and project status updates.

Other Local Agency Projects

Marin County Open Space District Region 6 Trail Designation Process

In 2015, the Marin County Open Space District (MCOSD) began a collaborative public process to formally designate a road and trail system in county preserves. This process is taking place on a region-by-region basis. Regions 1-5 have been designated, while designation is currently active for Region 6 (Old Saint Hilary’s, Tiburon Ridge, and Ring Mountain preserves). A goal of the process is to create a designation map. A designated road or trail is one that appears on an official MCOSD preserve map and is marked with signs.

On Wednesday, November 17, the Marin County Open Space District (MCOSD) hosted an online community workshop on designating a formal road and trail system in Region 6, which includes Ring Mountain and Old St. Hilary’s preserves. Principal Natural Resources Planner Jon Campo described the planning process and draft concept maps, and outlined opportunities for public comment. Attendees participated in a question-and-answer session.

Link for more information: Marin County Open Space District Region 6 Designation Process

Contact: Jon Campo, Marin County Parks and Open Space District,

Belvedere-Tiburon Library Expansion Project

Link for more information: Library Expansion | Belvedere Tiburon Library ( 

PG&E Circle Drive Gas Main Replacement Project

As part of PG&E’s commitment to ensure safety, they will be upgrading a portion of the natural gas distribution system on Circle Drive in Tiburon. Work will start in late September and continue until late February 2022. Weather and other factors affecting safe working conditions may change the schedule. If work will be taking place on your property, a Local PG&E Representative will contact residents prior to the start.

PG&E will assess and replace a portion of the natural gas distribution lines, most of which are located under the street or on private property. This work may also involve upgrading gas meters. Prior to the start of work, and to ensure adequate space exists to safely install gas lines away from other underground utilities, a qualified contractor will determine the sewer service location and use a video camera to inspect it. This inspection will also confirm important safety information to ensure that your sewer service and the existing gas service lines do not conflict. During construction, you may see PG&E, Underground contractor trucks and other equipment. All personnel are required to carry valid photo identification and are happy to provide identification upon request.

While PG&E empties the lines for replacement in a controlled and safe manner, residents may hear a loud, steady noise and smell a small amount of natural gas. This is normal while crews are working, but they encourage anyone with concerns to call 1-800-743-5000. In order to ensure safety while PG&E connects the new lines, a temporary service interruption may be necessary. PG&E will notify residents should there be any interruption in gas service and will schedule a gas relight with residents at your convenience. You can also schedule a gas relight by calling 1-800-743-5000.

PG&E will route traffic around work areas. Traffic control will be in place. Driveway access may be affected, but crews can provide access within a few minutes of your request. Please plan for minor delays if crews are working outside your home or business.

Please contact the Local PG&E Representative, Michele Williams at 415-238-5349 or send an email to Thank you for your patience as we enhance the safety and reliability of the natural gas system.

Concept Design Alternatives for a Beach Restoration Project at Greenwood Beach System (Blackie's Pasture), Tiburon, Marin County

Beach Restoration 1
Beach Restoration 2

The project aims to demonstrate that bay beaches as a living shoreline design approach are a viable alternative to riprap and seawalls. Living shoreline techniques reinforce the shoreline and minimize coastal erosion, while restoring natural habitats for estuarine and coastal organisms. Through strategic placement of native vegetation and natural materials such as sand, gravel, and cobble, bay beaches can protect tidal marshes behind them from further erosion. Building on preliminary designs funded through a partnership between the Marin Community Foundation and California State Coastal Conservancy, the project will develop near-final designs for a gravel beach that will provide nature-based shoreline protection and enhance valuable coarse-grained beach habitat. The goal of the project is to complete CEQA documentation and permit applications and be ready for final design and implementation of the gravel beach design.

As part of Blackie’s Pasture Beach Restoration Project, the County of Marin will be placing sand tracers at four different locations at the site to assess how the sediment moves around during bigger storm events.  They will need to place some fluorescent dye at those locations and locate with a UV flashlight for analysis.  The dye is environmentally safe and there may some initial visibility but county staff will try to minimize impact as much as possible.

Contact: Roger Leventhal, P.E., Marin County Department of Public Works,

View Roger Leventhal's presentation to the Parks, Open Space and Trails Commission

Town Completed Projects

Tennis Court Resurfacing Project

Location: Teather Park off Marsh Road

2020 Pavement Rehabilitation Project

Location: Various locations, see map below.

2020 Pavement Rehab Graphic

Old Rail Trail Rehabilitation Project

The project will rehabilitate the asphalt paving and decomposed granite for the entire length of the Old Rail Trail. Construction is nearing completion and there will be no more trail closures. Contact David Eshoo, Associate Engineer, at or (415)435-7354. 

The project is nearing completion and staff is excited to share the following images of the new and improved pavement and striping. Thank you to all the trail users for their patience and understanding during the trail closures and detours.


Virginia Drive Undergrounding

Location: Virginia Drive

2020 Storm Drain Rehabilitation Project

Location: Various locations town-wide
Contact: David Eshoo, Associate Engineer, at