Forms & Fees

Forms and Fees

To download an application form or obtain information about Planning Division policies and regulations, please visit the Helpful Documents page.  If you want to determine a filing fee for an application, please refer to the Abridged Fee Schedule. The complete Community Development Department and Miscellaneous Services Fee Schedule provides additional information on Town fees and service costs.  A sampling of common filing fees can be found below.

Design Review Application Fees

Fees are required to review the design and site planning of a wide variety of construction projects and exterior alterations. Design Review fees are generally based on the size or type of project and whether any variances or a floor area exception may be required. Applications for Site Plan and Architectural Review (commonly referred to as “Design Review”) are acted on by Planning Division Staff or by the Design Review Board (DRB), depending on project size, type and level of controversy. Fees for the most commonly-requested Design Review and related applications are as follows:

Type of Alteration
Minor Alteration (Staff level review) for projects less than 500 square feet
Design Review of less than 500 square feet that require review by the DRB
Design Review of projects between 500 and 1,000 square feet
Design Review of projects more than 1,000 square feet
New residence or Non-residential building
Variance (for each Variance requested)
Floor Area Exception

Other Planning Fees

Other Planning, Zoning, or Subdivision permit applications are usually reviewed and acted upon by the Planning Commission or by Planning Division Staff.  Many such applications require an initial fee deposit rather than a flat fee. Additional fees (beyond the initial deposit amount) may be required to completely process the application, or a partial refund may be issued, depending on the cost to the Town of processing the application. Applicants are encouraged to contact the Planning Division for a complete description of these fees.  The Town’s Hourly Rate Schedule and Complex Project Hourly Billing Rate Schedule set forth the hourly billing rates of various staff positions for non-fixed-fee applications. Fees for the following common Planning, Zoning, or Subdivision permit applications are as follows:

Tree Permits

Number of Trees
Single Tree
2-4 Trees
5 or more Trees
$280, plus $55 per tree above 5 trees

Lot Line Adjustment

Number of Parcels
4 or fewer parcels
$960 Initial Deposit
5 or fewer parcels
$2,040 Initial Deposit

Secondary Dwelling Unit Permit

Permit Fees
Flat Fee $595

Home Occupation Permit

Type Fees
Initial Application
Annual Renewal

Sign Permits

Level of Review
Staff level with no exception
Staff level with a minor exception
DRB level with a major exception

Conditional Use Permit

Category Fees
Minor use permit
$1,540 Initial Deposit
Major use permit
$6,520 Initial Deposit
 Temporary use permit $540 Initial Deposit