McKegney Green

McKegney Green Aerial Photo

McKegney Green is a bayfront playing field that was initially constructed in 1975 and reconstructed in 2018.  It is the only large Town-controlled grass playing field on the Tiburon peninsula capable of being used for athletic purposes and is also highly desired by local residents for casual recreational enjoyment.

A use policy has been established for McKegney Green that ensures the area is utilized for community, recreational, and athletic functions that serve the needs of the Peninsula, to set clear policies, procedures, regulations, and to establish a rental fee system for permitted exclusive use of the Green.  The policy ensures that permitted users are informed of the Town's rules and regulations that govern use of the Green and that such exclusive use must be balanced with the demand for general public recreational use of the Green.

Wet Field Rules

Per the current Town Council adopted McKegney Green Use Policy, wet field rules have been established to prevent bodily injury and damage to the field from inclement weather and/or unsafe playing conditions. 

Groups that use McKegney Green are expected to assist in protecting their participants and the field during  periods of rain or inclement weather.  Sports use of a wet or saturated field may cause extensive damage resulting in field closure and costly renovations. Groups shall abide by the Wet Field rules and preserve the life and condition of McKegney Green by not using it in wet conditions.  You may contact Public Works at 415-435-7399 or check below for information regarding field closures.  The following rules apply to a period of rainfall, an over-watered field and/or irrigation breaks.

A. McKegney Green field is deemed closed to use at any time during rainfall and for twenty-four (24) hours after measurable rain, or when wet or muddy.  Actual duration of closure is subject to discretion of the Town.  

B. The Town reserves the right to cancel reservations or suspend Field Use Permits when field conditions could result in injury to players or users or cause damage to the field.  Permits may also be suspended when the health and safety of participants are threatened due to existing or impending conditions, including but not limited to field maintenance, fertilizer application, lightning, or air quality alerts.

C. During Town work hours, the Town’s Public Works Department maintenance staff will assess the playability of McKegney Green to determine if use will occur.

D. Recurring Users will be required to designate a field conditions representative to apply these rules during non-business hours and on weekends. The designated representative shall  have the responsibility to close McKegney Green or any portion thereof in accordance with the Wet Field rules.

Field Status: CLOSED

Date of reopening: TBD

Page Last Updated 12/02/2023