Classes & Volunteering

Get Preparedness Certified

Get Ready Classes

The Get Ready class is one of the requirements for a We Are Ready certificate. You will be given a manual prepared especially for Belvedere and Tiburon residents. The 2-hour session teach you how to use and benefit from the manual. The class will be conducted by one of your neighbors or friends who has been trained to lead the session about getting households prepared for a regional disaster. 

The Get Ready Disaster Preparedness Program is designed to meet three important needs, making it as easy as possible for a household to become prepared for a disaster. These needs are:

  1. Disaster Survival Knowledge: At the conclusion of the course, you will know what to do before, during, and after a regional disaster. Every attendee will receive a copy of the Disaster Preparedness Manual.
  2. Emergency Equipment and Supplies: We will provide you with a shopping list so you can assemble an emergency supply kit or you can purchase a ready-made kit at the training session. 
  3. Food and Water to Last Three Days: The size of this emergency reserve will be determined by the number of people in your household. We will provide you with a shopping list so you can assemble your own or you can purchase ready-made modules. 

Classes are free!

Class Schedule

All classes are held at the Tiburon Police Station (1155 Tiburon Boulevard) unless otherwise noted. Please register by calling (415)789-7386 or email

Watch a virtual Get Ready Class here (YouTube).

Self-Study Home Course

If you are not able to attend a Get Ready disaster preparedness course in person, you can still become certified by taking the self-study course.

First, download the Disaster Preparedness Manual and the Self-Study Course.

When you have completed both, submit the completed Certification Form by email to let us know you have completed the course. 


We need your help to make sure all the citizens of the peninsula can survive a disaster. You can help by volunteering for one of the following positions. 

Get Ready Trainer

Learn to be a trainer by taking a lively, 4-hour class created by local firefighters. Once completed, you will conduct 2-hour classes for your neighbors. Come alone or bring a friend so you can teach your neighbors together. 

Get Ready Neighborhood Coordinator

Neighborhood Coordinators will be assigned to 15 to 20 households. Their job is to explain the Get Ready concept and schedule one person from each household to take the 2-hour training session. These classes will be held in private homes and public places such as school gyms and town halls. We need 220 neighborhood coordinators. 

Get Ready District Captain

District Captains oversee 8 to 10 Neighborhood Coordinators. We need 25 district captains. 

If you would like to help out, contact us at (415)435-7386 or