Permit Revisions

Permit revisions must be submitted when changes are made to the Tiburon stamped permit plans. If the revision is for exterior changes, change in use, or addition of habitable space, then the permit revision submittal will first be routed to the Planning Division for approval prior to Building Division review. 

To apply for a building permit revision, please submit the required documents listed below to Please include the site address in the subject line. 

Upon receipt of the electronic submittal, the Building Division offers expedited reviews for simple projects and plan revisions at the Building counter Monday - Thursdays between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. 

Required Submittal Documents

  • Completed building permit application for the revised items. The application must reflect any Bld - revision cloud
    change in cost for the revised items listed in the description, including design, labor, and materials fees. The project description must describe what is being revised, added, or removed from the plans.
  • Permit drawings (see Minimum Plan Submittal Requirements)
  • Provide any plan sheets that have been revised. When a drawing is updated with revisions, the plan changes must be marked with a cloud/bubble around the objects that were modified. 
  • Provide current revision number delta next to any clouded changes (see example).
  • Relevant supporting documents.

Building Division staff will confirm receipt of your application and contact you when the initial review is complete and permit fees are due.