Safety Corner

The Town of Tiburon is deeply committed to bicycle, pedestrian and automobile safety education. The Safety Corner is just one part of a larger effort to encourage bicyclists, pedestrians and drivers to share the road and paths throughout Tiburon safely and courteously.

Are You Street Smart?

Tiburon is participating in Street Smarts Marin - an educational campaign to promote safe driving, biking, and walking here in Marin County. If you support these efforts, we encourage you to take the Safe Routes to School Safe Driving Pledge. Contact Street Smarts Marin or visit for more information and educational materials.


Safe Driving Pledge

  1. I will drive within the posted speed limit or slower depending on current conditions. 
  2. I will plan to leave early enough so I don't have to rush to be on time. 
  3. I will not give in to the impatience of others to drive above the speed limit. 
  4. I will only talk on my phone while driving when the call is urgent and the call is hands-free. 
  5. I will not text or use any other handheld devices when driving.
  6. I will treat people who are walking and bicycling with respect and share the road safely with them.
  7. I will display the Safe Driving Pledge decal on my vehicle and encourage others to take this pledge.

Upon completion of the safe driving pledge, this decal will be mailed to you to be displayed on the rear window of your vehicle.