Frequently Asked Questions

How do I serve on the Design Review Board or Planning Commission?

The Design Review Board (DRB) and Planning Commission are both made up of 5 officials appointed to 4-year terms. When an existing member's term expires, or an existing member resigns early, the Town Council will announce the vacancy and invite new applicants. Tiburon residency is required for both the DRB and Planning Commission. Contact the Town Clerk for more information on upcoming vacancies or to apply.

Am I still allowed to add a new gas fireplace or firepit?

After June 3, 2023, applications for added gas demand and/or piping may not be approved (Ordinance No. 602 N.S.). 

Additional gas piping and appliances will only be allowed upon submission of gas piping calculations showing that overall gas use for the dwelling is reduced. For example, a 75,000 BTU gas firepit may be approved, provided that a greater amount of BTU demand from other gas appliances is removed by converting those appliances to electric. Existing gas piping to appliances converted to electric will need to be entirely disconnected and removed to prevent future use. Existing gas appliances may be replaced, provided that the new appliance does not require an increase in overall gas use for the appliance.

How do I pay for my permit?

You may drop off payment at Town Hall (1505 Tiburon Boulevard) Monday through Thursday between 7:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. or mail a check to the Building Division payable to Town of Tiburon. The Town accepts credit cards in office with a 3% surcharge. The Town does not accept credit card information over the phone.

Does Tiburon allow short-term rentals?

No. All rentals must be 30+ days. 

When is a soil report required?

Generally a soils report is required if the work involves hillside construction of 10% or greater slope, if the structural engineer requires it for the foundation and drainage design (higher foundation load values may be allowed with a soils report), or sometimes if a non-licensed designer is producing the foundation design using the minimum building code standards. Without a soils report, foundation bearing load values are only 1,000 psf (pounds per square foot) maximum, 1,500psf maximum if designed by a structural engineer, and potentially much higher if a soils report is used for the design.