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The Tiburon Police Department is committed to fostering a relationship rooted in trust and legitimacy between the members of our department and the community we serve. All our employees are expected to provide police services in an equitable way that is professional and respectful of the rights for all persons. It is equally important that our department members are empowered to exercise their best judgement and act in a reasonable, lawful, and impartial manner without fear of reprisal for doing their job. 

To maintain our high standards, the Tiburon Police Department welcomes both positive and negative feedback about our service delivery and the actions of our staff members. The public has a right to demand equitable and effective delivery of police services. Your honest and constructive feedback will help us to fulfill this demand. 

Maintaining open channels of communication between the Tiburon Police Department and those we serve is an important component in measuring our success as a police department. All feedback, to include personnel complaints, will be handled in a timely and appropriate manner. 

Personnel Complaint Process and Forms

The Tiburon Police Department's Personnel Complaint Policy (Policy 1009) provides guidelines for the reporting, investigation, and disposition of complaints regarding the conduct of its members and employees. Personnel complaints consist of misconduct or improper job performance that is a violation of department policy, federal, state, or local law. 

A person can file a formal complaint or informally inquire about a department employee's conduct. Informal inquiries involve an employee's actions that are of concern to the complainant but are determined not to be misconduct, and the complainant is satisfied appropriate action was taken. A formal complaint is a matter in which the complaining party requests further investigation, or which a supervisor or commanding officer determines further action is warranted. 

A complaint may be filed in person, in writing, by email, or by telephoning the Department. Complainants making a complaint in writing are encouraged to use the Personnel Complaint Report available at the Police Department or online. Although not required, the Department encourages the complaining party to appear in person. A complaint can be made anonymously or by a third party, and the matter will be investigated to the extent that sufficient information is provided. 

Every Department employee becoming aware of alleged misconduct shall immediately notify a supervisor. A supervisor receiving a complaint from any source alleging misconduct of an employee will initiate a preliminary investigation. Depending upon the nature of the allegation, the matter may be handled by the supervisor or turned over to the rank above to initiate an investigation. An investigation may be handled internally or by an external independent investigator depending on multiple factors that include the severity of the allegations. 

An administrative investigation of an officer is governed by a variety of State laws, such as the Public Safety Officers Procedural Bill of Rights, and Department policies. The investigation shall proceed with due diligence. Upon completion, the report will be forwarded to the Chief of Police, who will ensure one of the following dispositions:

  • Sustained - the act occurred and that it constituted misconduct.
  • Unfounded - the alleged act did not occur, are frivolous, or did not involve department personnel. 
  • Not Sustained - there is insufficient evidence to sustain the complaint or fully exonerate the employee. 
  • Exonerated - the act was justified, lawful, and/or proper. 

Sustained allegations can result in discipline that ranges from remedial and/or additional training, reprimand, suspension, demotion, and/or termination. State law prevents the Department from disclosing the specifics of any disciplinary action, but the Department will notify the complainant of the disposition for each allegation in the investigation, which are posted on Tiburon Police's Transparency page (this page).  

File a citizen complaint online or download the citizen complaint form (English) (Spanish) (Simplified Chinese).

Personnel Commendation Process and Forms

The Tiburon Police Department's Commendations and Awards policy provides guidelines for recognizing commendable or meritorious acts of members of the Department and individuals from the community. If you would like to recognize a specific member or members of the Department for exemplary service, you may do so in person, in writing, by email, or by telephoning the Department. You are encouraged to use the Personnel Commendation Report available at the Police Department or online

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Personnel Complaint Transparency

In January of each year, the Town will publish the number, nature, and disposition of any Personnel Complaints it received over the prior calendar year.