Clean Commute

Use Public Transit

Plan your trip on public transit with 511 Bay Area, Google Maps, Apple Maps, Moovit, CityMapper, Bing Maps.

Take the SMART Train - The SMART Train travels between Larkspur and Sonoma County Airport. 

Ride the Bus - Golden Gate Transit transports riders to San Francisco, and Marin Transit transports riders around Marin. 

Ride the Ferry - The Golden Gate Ferry transports passengers across the Bay between Tiburon and downtown San Francisco. The ride is fantastic - even for leisure riders!


Cut the cost of your commute in half and ride in the carpool lane. Connect with others looking to share your ride:

  • Waze Carpool
  • Uber Carpool
  • Lyft Carpool
  • Scoop

Walk & Bike

The Town's Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan, most recently updated in 2016, provides for a town-wide network of bicycle and pedestrian facilities, including sidewalks, paths, bike lanes, and bike routes, along with bicycle- and pedestrian-related programs and support facilities, intended to ensure bicycling and walking become viable transportation options for people who live, work, and recreate in Tiburon. 

Read the Tiburon Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan here. 

For additional safety tips as a biker or pedestrian, visit the Town's Safety Corner. 

School Commute

Safe Routes to Schools programs are designed to decrease traffic and pollution by promoting walking and biking to school. The program educates children and parents on safety tips, partners with local law enforcement and develops plans to create walk and bike-friendly streets. Safe Routes to Schools programs began in Marin County in 2000 and have spread across the nation. 

If walking or biking to school isn't for your family, consider cleaning up your school commute by riding the school bus. In April 2016, the Town of Tiburon, the City of Belvedere and the Reed Union School District formed the Yellow Bus Challenge to coordinate efforts to reduce school-related congestion on Tiburon Boulevard and encourage local school children to ride the bus to school. 

The success of this program has taken many cars off the road and reduced transit times on Tiburon Boulevard by 40% around school bell times. Purchase your annual bus pass here, or consider a tax-deductible donation to contribute to the continued success of the program.