The Town of Tiburon is located just north of San Francisco, in Marin County, California. It is accessible by ferry from downtown San Francisco, as well as by car from Highway 101 and Highway 131 (Tiburon Boulevard).

The Town of Tiburon is a general law city organized under provisions of the California State Constitution. Tiburon was incorporated in 1964. It has a current population of 9,100, with 6,600 registered voters.
Tiburon  has a Council/Manager form of government. The 5 members of the Town Council are elected for staggered, 4-year terms. The Council elects one of its members to be mayor and rotates the position each year.

The Council appoints a Town Manager to run the day-to-day operations of the Town.  He or she, in turn, appoints the various department heads: Chief of Police, Public Works Director, Director of Community Development, and Administrative Services Director.
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The Town Council also appoints a town attorney who provides legal counsel to the Council, boards and commissions, and town staff.

Town Council members do not receive compensation for their service. Members come from all walks of life and professions within our community. The Council meets bimonthly to hear form the public on various matters of interest, and to consider new Town ordinances, policies and resolutions. Members of the Council also represent the Town on multi-city and regional agencies in the greater Bay Area.
The Tiburon Peninsula has several other significant governmental agencies which are under the control of separately-elected boards. These include the Tiburon Fire Protection District and Southern Marin Fire Protection District, 2 sewer districts (Richardson Bay and Sanitary District No. 5), and the Reed Union School District.

Much of the peninsula is unincorporated, under the jurisdiction of the County of Marin. This includes portions of the north side as well as the community of Strawberry.  You can view the Town's service area here

Belvedere is a separate city with its own city council and community services.