The department is open to the public. During hours when the department is closed, visitors can be directly connected to our dispatch center via a phone outside our front entrance. Persons seeking assistance need only lift the phone to be connected with a dispatcher. Should you desire additional information that doesn’t appear on the site, please contact us directly at 415-789-2801 or by using the department directory. We welcome and encourage your thoughts and comments.


The Tiburon Police Department was established in 1972 following the town’s incorporation by eight years. It first operated from 80 Main Street before moving in the late 70’s into surplus military housing near its present site. In 1999 the department moved into its current location at 1155 Tiburon Blvd.

Emergency Operations Center

In addition to normal police activities, the police station also houses the Emergency Operations Center, which is equipped to manage disaster response for Tiburon and Belvedere. The Police Department and Emergency Operations Center are also responsible for developing and maintaining the Emergency Operations Plan for the entire Tiburon Peninsula.

Laurie Nilsen is the Emergency Services Coordinator for both towns. Laurie is responsible for disaster preparedness, maintenance of the Emergency Operations Center and coordination of a wide range of related activities. Laurie can be reached at (415)789-2805.

Division Heads

You can contact staff from the Police Department and get information about their divisions: