Posted on: September 21, 2017

Notice of Special Vacancy: Heritage and Arts Commission

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(Statutory Authority: Section 13B-2 of Tiburon Municipal Code)

Purpose:    The Heritage & Arts Commission works to preserve and protect those buildings, sites, works of art and other objects which have special historical, cultural or aesthetic character or interest to the Tiburon Peninsula.  Appointees serve staggered, four-year terms.The Commission establishes educational programs and awards focusing on the unique history of the area.  The Commission works on special community projects and events and is interested in planning events that would provide a forum for local artists to showcase their work. 

Qualifications: Town Council Resolution No. 29-2016 states that the commission shall be comprised of seven (7) members whose qualifications shall be as follows: Four (4) members must be residents of the Town of Tiburon at the time of appointment; Two (2) members may be residents of the City of Belvedere at the time of appointment; One (1) member may be a resident of the greater Tiburon peninsula (unincorporated territory) at the time of appointment.

Applicants shall have the interest, desire, and time available to help promote projects related to the history and art of the Tiburon Peninsula.  A formal art/history background is preferred but not required.

A vacancy on the Heritage and Arts Commission has occurred as follows:

Appointee                 Date Appointed                      Date Resigned           Term Expires

Daniel Amir                February 2012                         September 2017          February 2020            


Interested applicants can contact Tiburon Town Clerk Lea Stefani at (415)435-7377 for more information, or submit an application at Tiburon Town Hall, 1505 Tiburon Boulevard. Applications are also available online.

Deadline for Applications: October 19, 2017