Posted on: January 24, 2017

Initial Study for Tiburon Peninsula Club Expansion Project

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The proposed project at Tiburon Peninsula Club would construct a Junior Tennis Center that would be used to expand its current junior clinic program and provide lessons for members and non-members. The project would include the following improvements:


  1. Two new tennis courts will be constructed in the overflow parking area adjacent to the west side of the existing lower (southern) tennis courts.


  1. Pole lights will be installed to light the six existing courts and the two new courts.  The proposed lighting will include eight (8) lamps per court (one court will have nine lamps). The lamps will be mounted on 22-foot high poles. Some of the poles will hold two lamps that will illuminate adjacent courts; there would be 49 poles. Lighting of these courts will be provided until 7:30 PM at the latest during the months when natural illumination is not adequate prior to 7:30 PM.


  1. A 650-square foot, one-story structure will be constructed adjacent to the north side of the existing lower tennis courts that will include bathrooms and tennis-related storage. North of this structure will be a landscaped entry to a covered entrance (translucent roof) to the facility.


  1. Adjacent to and east of the proposed entry area will be a patio with shaded seating, (including seating for tournaments) and instruction areas. During tournaments, existing portable bleachers (capacity of 100 spectators) currently used for the upper (northern) courts may be erected here.


  1. Immediately north of the proposed patio, a 1,230-square foot maintenance and storage facility will be constructed to replace the temporary storage structures on site.


  1. Three new formal parking areas containing 30 parking spaces will be developed with permeable gravel surfaces to replace the existing 24 overflow parking spaces that would be displaced by the other improvements.


Potential environmental impact areas to be addressed in the Draft EIR include, but are not necessarily limited to: aesthetics, air quality, biological resources, cultural resources, geology and soils, hydrology and water quality, land use and planning, recreation, transportation and traffic, and cumulative impacts.

All written public and agency comments should be directed to Daniel M. Watrous, Planning Manager, Town of Tiburon, 1505 Tiburon Boulevard, Tiburon, CA  94920, (415) 435-7393, or dwatrous@townoftiburon.orgPlease include the name of a contact person for your agency, if applicable. There will be additional opportunities for comment during the public review period following completion of the Draft EIR. A public scoping session will be held on January 25, 2017, at 7:30 p.m. at the Tiburon Town Council Chambers, 1505 Tiburon Boulevard, Tiburon, California.

Initial Study