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As your Chief of Police, I wish to assure you that a relationship of trust and confidence between members of the Police Department and the community we serve is essential to effective law enforcement.  Law enforcement officers must be free to exercise their best judgment and to initiate enforcement action in a reasonable, lawful, and impartial manner without fear of reprisal.  So, too, enforcers of the law have a special obligation to respect rights of all persons.

In order to maintain its high standards, the Tiburon Police Department welcomes constructive criticism of departmental procedure and valid complaints against police officers.  The public has a right to demand fair, impartial and effective law enforcement.  Your constructive concerns and valid complaints will help us to fulfill this demand.  It is the policy of the department to investigate all such complaints received.

It is the purpose of our procedures to provide a prompt, just, open, and expeditious disposition of the complaints regarding the conduct of members and employees of the department.  Citizens are also encouraged to compliment our procedures and members of our department when their actions warrant commendations.  Any commendations of the actions of our personnel will result in appropriate recognition.

Complaints against department personnel will be handled in a prompt and unbiased manner.  Complaints will be investigated and reduced to a written report, stating the facts surrounding it.  It will include a conclusion and recommendation concerning appropriate action to be taken.  All completed investigations are sent to the Chief of Police who, in turn, reviews the complaints and makes the final decision regarding the disposition.

The success of any police department in the performance of its duties is largely measured by the degree of support and cooperation it receives from the people it serves.  A primary means of obtain in this support is to provide open channels of communications between the police and the public.

Should you have any concerns or desire additional information, please contact the Office of the Chief of Police.


Michael Cronin
Chief of Police


Completed forms can be sent by mail, fax, email or delivered in-person to:

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Citizen Complaint Transparency

Each year, the Town of Tiburon will publish the number, nature and disposition of any Citizen Complaints it receives. As of November 1, 2020, the Department received one citizen complaint since 2019.