Cypress Hollow Landscape and Lighting District

The Cypress Hollow Landscape and Lighting District was formed in 1998 as a result of a petition made by the residents of Cypress Hollow for annexation from unincorporated Marin County into the Town limits. Jurisdiction of the district was passed from the County of Marin to the Town in 1998 by a joint resolution that transferred the financial resources and documentation associated with the operation, maintenance and funding to the Town. 

The Town has maintenance responsibility for:

  1. The 25 foot sanitary sewer easement and irrigation on the east boundary;
  2. Entry landscaping and the 30 foot storm drainage easement on the southwesterly boundary and irrigation system; and
  3. Ownership and maintenance of the park site.

Since 1998, the Town has continued the operation and maintenance activities of the district and assessed the residents the cost thereof. The amount of the assessment since incorporation has been $378 per year.  The district generates about $16,632 per year. The following table shows expenditures between 2011-2016.

Cypress Hollow Expenditures













Contractual Services (Cost Recovery)






Landscape Grounds & Materials






Tree Maintenance


















The small surplus created in most years has generated a reserve of about $30,000, which is used for larger projects. Special trimming is needed about every four years and can cost up to $6,500.  Additionally, the park infrastructure needs renewal about every 20 years. In 2009, the Town spent $40,000 rehabilitating the park area. 

The $14,000 cost recovery is an average of about 5 hours per week for a Parks Maintenance employee.  This compares favorably with the Marin County budget from Fiscal Year 1996/97.  For FY 1996/97, the assessment report from Marin County estimated the following costs for the maintenance and operation of Cypress Hollow LLD:

  • Miscellaneous Maintenance $2,500
  • Miscellaneous Fees $88
  • Contractual Services, Monthly Maintenance $8,728
  • Water $2,300
  • Indirect County Overhead $5,733
  • Contingencies (carry over) $8,564

Total Expenditures $27,913

The special assessment district is not a separate legal entity of the Town, therefore it is not governed by a separate Board.  Revenues and expenditures are included in the Town's Municipal Budget.

Cypress Hollow Park is unique among neighborhood parks in Tiburon.  It is the only neighborhood park that is manicured and has a play set for children and is a well used amenity benefiting the residents of Cypress Hollow.  

See the Cypress Hollow Landscape and Lighting District Resolution and Staff Report for more information.